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Simulated Gunner Control Handles


Our customer was developing a high-end, commercial simulator for a tank of Russian origin. In order to reach the highest level of realism, a real gunner control system needed to be used. Customer had a challenge that the tank is no longer manufactured and spare parts are difficult to come by and tend to be very expensive.

CTT was contacted to build a realistic, to-scale, simulated gunner control system with plug-and-play connection to the simulator.


Timeline was extremely short, so CTT did not have time to get a real unit, fully model the unit using CAD software and machine the parts in line with the original. In addition, the available budget for the first prototype did not support the traditional approach.


CTT team was able to get a hold of the original external structure of the gunner control system and proceeded to make copies by building a silicone mold for each piece. Plastic formula was poured into the molds, with special care taken to match the color and the finish of each piece.

Based on the technical documentation that was obtained, CTT team was able to build the internal mechanism and select electronic components that meet the performance of the original units, such as tension and tactile feel.

Even with the short schedule, CTT was able to deliver the solution on time and on budget.