Tip Jet Helicopter Structure • COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY TEAM
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Tip Jet Helicopter Structure


An existing customer was preparing to launch their line of unmanned aircraft at the Dubai Airshow, and they were working on a tip jet powered unmanned helicopter whose structure needed to be designed and a scale model built to display at the show.

Customer contacted CTT asking for a completion of the project with limited time provided to complete the initial design and prototyping.


In addition to having limited time to complete the project and build a scale model, team had to deal with a different kind of an engine and structure requirements.


Initial CAD design was completed and integrated with the proposed tip jet design. Finite element analysis was performed on the structure to ensure that the structure could handle the expected maximum loads.

Once the design was approved, a scale model needed to be built with tooling designated for one time use. Scale model was completed on time and shipped to the airshow.

CTT engineers accompanied the customer to the Dubai Airshow to assist the sales team with the technical questions regarding the structure of the UAV.