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CTT is constantly working on developing new technologies through internal efforts as well as collaboration with research institutes located in the region. Our engineering team has the know how to push the limits of composite technologies in both design and manufacturing applications.

Every year, CTT allocates funds for internal R&D efforts, which has led to a recent increase in the number of patent applications. In addition, CTT offers R&D services to third parties, both alone or accompanied by our trusted partners.

Please review our case studies to learn more about some of the projects we participated in, and contact us to learn more about research and development services that we offer.


CTT is able to provide engineering services that span the entire life cycle of the product – from concept, detailed design and prototyping, to the end-of-life support.

CTT is able to provide an extensive range of product design services that stem from experience of developing our own product lines. Our iterative design process has a proven track record of coming up with an optimal solution. We use the latest software packages for both design and analysis, including stress analysis, computational fluid dynamics analysis, etc.

CTT treats customer intellectual property with extreme care, so you can collaborate with us without worrying that your IP will be mistreated.


CTT’s manufacturing capabilities include composite production, machining, assembly and painting.

We are one of the regional leaders in the manufacturing of composite parts and tools. Composite parts are manufactured using wet lay-up materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other aramid polymers.

At CTT, we employ a highly trained workforce able to put together small, bench top assemblies as well as large assemblies.

CTT painting services include stripping, masking and painting of small components, as well as the application of markings and logos.


CTT has the capability to rigorously test  components to ensure they maintain their dependability in the most extreme environments. Through a partnership with accredited laboratories and institutes in Serbia, CTT can provide a comprehensive range of testing services allowing customers to meet international standards and requirements.

In addition to testing, CTT can assist customers through the product certification process. Our certification experience ranges from meeting the CE requirement to proving compliance with exhaustive aerospace standards.


Over the past 10 years, CTT has gained valuable experience that can be shared with our customers though provision of consulting services. In addition to innovation and design, CTT team had built up extensive capabilities in program management, project management, risk and opportunities management, and financial modeling and analysis.

Please contact us to learn more about the range of consulting services that we are able to offer.